Monday, August 20, 2007

Future Projects

Wood Cooker Scale-up:
With the help of a $200,000 grant from the United States EPA, CEDESOL hopes to up its production of ecological wood cookers to 20,000 cookers/year by 2010. This is a project of tremendous proportions and will be the largest initiative ever put forth for alternative cooking solutions in Bolivia. Stay tuned as this project gets underway in the Fall of 2007!!

ETHOS Global Awareness Program:
After taking 9+ hours of footage this year in Southamerica Mike will have his work cut out for him with editing this fall/winter. In addition to making an ETHOS promo to promote student involvement in volunteer projects abroad he is also hoping to provide short educational videos for middle school students on topics like:

1 - Indoor Air Pollution and Alternative Energy Solutions in Developing Countries
2 - Environmental and Humanitarian Issues in the Jungle
3 - Household Energy Solutions.

Good luck Mike!!!

JOBS or School?

Chris is stuck in the lab forever as a Ph.D student in Molecular Biology at UC-Berkeley.
Mike is returning to UD as graduate director of ETHOS and working toward an M.S in Engineering Mgt.
Collin is running around Denver meeting homeless people and trying to get thems jobs and things.


Blogger monica said...

Hello gays is nice to see the way that u been helping in Bolivia.
I'm from Bolivia and i saw ur page and u do have good ideas to help, and i would like to see if i can help too, at the moment i live in London, but i think is great so see people from other country helping my, i would like to say thanks and hope to hear from u too.

8:06 AM  

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